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10 Cool Premium jQuery Countdown Scripts

10 Cool Premium jQuery Countdown Scripts

Today’s post is a collection of 10 cool “premium” jQuery countdown scripts that you’d definitely find useful for your webpages at some point in time. Enjoy.

1. 5sec Maintenance Mode

6 beautiful, funny templates to make your visitors less angry while you’re offline.

5sec Maintenance Mode Source Demo

2. Premium Coming Soon – WordPress Plugin

New, modern, user friendly countdown page that lets your visitors know when you will launch your website. It has a custom countdown counter and the possibility to create an endless number of new themes as you please.

Premium Coming Soon Source Demo

3. Coming Soon Landing Page

JavaScript under construction website counter!

Coming Soon Landing Page Source Demo

4. fresh Parallax Under Construction Countdown

fresh Parallax Under Construction upgrades your “Coming Soon” page with a dynamic 3D cloudy sky with your logo or item of choice in focus.

fresh Parallax Under Construction Source Demo

5. FlipTimer

FlipTimer 1.2 with 8 color themes ready-made and a beautiful template with working contact form included.

FlipTimer Source Demo

6. Fancy Countdown – jQuery Plugin

It is a highly customizable jQuery plugin that lets you create an outstanding countdown. It´s very easy to use. You can set an own target date with a timezone. The plugin comes with an extensive API.

Fancy Countdown Source Demo

7. Countdown / Construction Page

Easy adaptable countdown, under construction – page. Including manual for easy set-up.

Countdown / Construction Page Source Demo

8. JavaScript Animated Counter

Simple, animated JavaScript counter, which will allow you to present rapidly increased or decreased values, such as number of registered users, total income etc.

JavaScript Animated Counter Source Demo

9. jsCountdown

Included are 14 different skins to choose from and a template file (png format) to make your own.

jsCountdown Source Demo

10. Live Broadcast Countdown Module

Nice jQuery based countdown timer. Header text depending on countdown stateus (counting down or finished). A lot of options available.

Live Broadcast Countdown Source Demo