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Gedit Keyboard Shortcuts

Gedit Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut keys enable you to perform tasks more quickly than if you use a mouse. The following tables list all of Gedit’s shortcut keys. These are in the Gedit user manualas of version 2.18.


Shortcut Key Command
Ctrl + Alt + PageUp Switches to the next tab to the left.
Ctrl + Alt + PageDown Switches to the next tab to the right.
Ctrl + W Close tab.
Ctrl + Shift + L Save all tabs.
Ctrl + Shift + W Close all tabs.
Alt + n Jump to nth tab.


Shortcut Key Command
Ctrl + N Create a new document.
Ctrl + O Open a document.
Ctrl + L Open a location.
Ctrl + S Save the current document to disk.
Ctrl + Shift + S Save the current document with a new filename.
Ctrl + P Print the current document.
Ctrl + Shift + P Print preview.
Ctrl + W Close the current document.
Ctrl + Q Quit Gedit.


Shortcut Key Command
Ctrl + Z Undo the last action.
Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo the last undone action .
Ctrl + X Cut the selected text or region and place it on the clipboard.
Ctrl + C Copy the selected text or region onto the clipboard.
Ctrl + V Paste the contents of the clipboard.
Ctrl + A Select all.

Edit (from GTKTextView)

Shortcut Key Command
Ctrl + D Delete the line.
Ctrl + Left Move the cursor to the beginning of the word or previous word if it’s already in the beginning of the current one.
Ctrl + Right Move the cursor to the end of the word or next word if it’s already in the end of the current one.


Shortcut Key Command
F9 Show/hide the side pane.
Ctrl + F9 Show/hide the bottom pane.
Shortcut Key Command
Ctrl + F Find a string.
Ctrl + G Find the next instance of the string.
Ctrl + Shift + G Find the previous instance of the string.
Ctrl + K Interactive search.
Ctrl + H Search and replace.
Ctrl + Shift + K Clear highlight.
Ctrl + I Goto line.


Shortcut Key Command
F7 Check spelling (with plugin).
Alt + F12 Remove trailing spaces (with plugin).
Ctrl + T Indent (with plugin).
Ctrl + Shift + T Remove Indent (with plugin).
F8 Run “make” in current directory (with plugin).
Ctrl + Shift + D Directory listing (with plugin).


Shortcut Key Command
F1 Load Gedit’s online help document.